Frequently Asked Questions

Fort Sask Minor Football Association Wants to Answer Your Questions.

If you have a question about registering your child for football, our programs, or what is expected of players and their parents, please email us your questions to and we will answer ASAP. We also will post your question and the answer to this page for future reference as we continue to grow our new website.



1. When does football start and end?

FOR TACKLE (ages 9-15) Our spring camp runs for 3 weeks in May/June. We start practising for the season in August, right after the long weekend. Our games begin in September and run through to mid October. Playoffs then run 2-3 weeks.

FOR FLAG (ages 6-8) Our spring camp runs for 2 weeks in May/June. We start practising for the season in late August (TBA), and games begin in September ending at the end of the month.

2. What times and days are practices? 

Spring camp in May/June are Monday thru Thursday from 6-8pm for 3 weeks. In August, we practice anywhere from 2-4 nights a week from 6-8pm depending on team. When school begins we cut it down to 2 or 3 practices a week and a game on the weekend. The days of the week vary each year for each team because of our Coaches. They too are volunteers so we need to accommodate their schedules. However, we do work out a schedule so we have consistent practice days throughout the season.


3. Where and when do we play games?

Our game schedule comes out the first week of September, for the whole season. You can expect every team to play 1 game on every weekend. Our home games are held at Eldon Brown Park here in Fort Saskatchewan.  Our playing district includes edmonton, Sherwood park, Leduc, Wetaskiwin, St.Albert, & Spruce Grove.


4. How much game time will my child get?

FSMFA prides itself on having every child play! Our Coaches try to get every player on the field. The Coaches will NOT put a child in a position they are not ready for! Safety is our first rule! Our teams focus on skills building and learning the game. You might notice some players are on the field more than others. It all depends on the positions they play and how many players play that position. 


5. How much do I have to pay?

Our fees vary somewhat every year. This all depends on fundraising efforts and club expenses. This year our fees are $400 including spring camp - but we offer a payment plan (3 month split online). Also, Fort Sask has a KidSport program that can assist in paying your child's fees, and you can see more information on thier website here.


6. How do I register?

You can print the registration forms off our website, fill them in and contact our registar at Or you can register online. You will need proof of birthday for your child.


7. What equipment do I have to buy?

You only need to provide Cleats. They need to be rubber (no metal) cleats. Soccer cleats CAN work for some of the younger ages. All other equipment is provided, on loan, by FSMFA. You will be given an appointment for equipment fitting after you register. You MUST have all your payments arranged and deposit cheques in before any equipment is given. At the end of the season, you return your cleaned equipment, at a set date, and your deposit cheques are returned. Your equipment is on loan and is expected to be taken very good care of.

8. Why do I need to voluteer?

All of our football team's are run by volunteers. Every game we need at least 10 people (stick crews, announcers, concession workers, first aid, score keepers, 50/50 sales) plus alot of cheerleaders! We cannot run a game without YOU! And YES, you can watch the game from every volunteer spot! You don't know anything about football? Don't worry, we can teach you!

9. Where do my fees and fundraising money go? 

Equipment, insurance, league fees, fun events! It costs an average of $800 to equip a player for football. All our helmets are certified. Safety of the player is the number one concern! Everything eventually expires or wears out and needs to be replaced. This season FSMFA spent over $10,000 on player and field equipment. Insurance and league fees are a standard expense to running any organization. Of course, we all want the children to have fun so we try to organize a few team events throughout the season.

T-shirts, hoodies,etc are not provided but can be purchased through your team manager.

10. What season is football?

Football season is the ONLY season!